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Personalised Portraits

Personalised Portraits


Welcome to the commissions part of my shop!


These portraits are often the most popular of my commissions so I've streamlined it here for you!

The portrait can be of up to three people. A bigger group is £10 extra per person, this is just to counter in the extra time it takes me.


Once you've purchased a portrait, please email with the following:

  • The words PORTRAIT and YOUR NAME in the subject line
  • As many pictures as you like of the person/people I'll be drawing - I'd say 3 pictures is a good amount to aim for. Try to find good quality, well lit images where the person is front facing (no black and white images please!)
  • Whether you'd like an A4 or A3 print (this doesn't change the price)
  • Any ideas you have. Don't feel like you have to come up with a fully formed idea! Part of the fun for me is coming up with something funny based on what you've told me.
  • I'm happy to send the portrait to your loved one, so include a nice message for them in the email and I'll print it on card and add it to the envelope.


Some things to bear in mind:

  • Tracked postage is included in the price
  • The portrait is printed on glossy heavyweight photo paper
  • A first AND second draft are included in the price. So I'll show you what I've come up with, and then if you'd like to make some changes I'll go ahead and do that for you.
  • All orders will be posted 24 hour tracked in the UK, and tracked (7 days) for outside the UK.


Thank you! ♡

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Thank you for being here ♥️

Every purchase helps me to continue creating artwork and expressing my view on the world, so it means so much that people are supporting it. 

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