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Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket




1) Select a tattoo design from the drop down menu

2) Checkout (make sure to include your email address!)

3) I'll email you your design without the watermark, along with a digital receipt. This is a dated document that you can show your tattoo artist to prove you haven't stolen the artwork (example receipt pictured above).

4) Tag @vulgadrawings in pictures of your new tattoo!


Do you want me to commission a brand new tattoo design? Or make an edit on an existing design? I would love to! Email me at with your ideas :)


Note: This is a digital purchase, no physical items will be shipped.

Untitled_Artwork 41_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you for being here ♥️

Every purchase helps me to continue creating artwork and expressing my view on the world, so it means so much that people are supporting it. 

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